Thursday, August 18, 2022

Amazing images of most dangerous and endangered animals in the world


Zubair Yaqoob
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The stunning images of an amphibian and reptile expert, Matthijs Kuijpers, reveal the mysterious hidden world of some of the most dangerous cold blood cells.

Images show a group of animals on all continents except Antarctica, including the bright eyes of the white crocodile and the dark belly of the Purple Harlequin frog.

A strange snake
A strange snake

Other images show an orchid, a frog, a plant-like Vietnamese mullet, and a bicentennial eel. He has spent the last 30 years traveling in search of these species and has included a total of 72 animals.

These species are challenged daily by threats of climate change, pollution and illegal fishing. Habitat loss is the greatest threat to cold species in Europe. Some reptiles and amphibians have cleverly adapted to threatened conditions but are in constant need of protection.
Kind of frogs
Kind of frogs

Did you know that about 86% of the species on Earth are still waiting to be found, and most of these creatures can be extinct before we have a chance to discover them. Every year, about 18,000 new species are discovered and classified, about 20,000 species are believed to be extinct each year.

The Rock Rocks
The Rock Rocks

The photographer hopes to portray their beauty in candid footage to make people give up the fear and negative thoughts that surround them often.

Snake danger
A strange frog 2
A strange frog
Frog 2
A strange frog
A strange frog


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