Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Apple sued for violating privacy of iTunes users


Izaan Zubair
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Three clients claims that Apple used to send personal user data to third parties to increase its revenue. The claim alleges that Apple sells, leases or discloses the names, addresses, and types of music and songs purchased on the application, iTunes store on iPhone devices without the approval or notice.

According to the documents filed with the US district court of the Northern District of California, Apple is doing so to supplement its revenues and enhance the brand’s value in the eyes of mobile application developers.

The call indicates that there is no information that the music you buy on your iPhone stays just on the phone, while the Apple make significant profits from unauthorized sale of that information, they do so at the expense of the privacy of their customers and their legal rights.


Prosecutors are represented by clients iTunes others in their states, seeking $ 250 for members of the lawsuit class in Rhode Island under the Privacy Act.

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