Friday, August 19, 2022

Apple to introduce iCloud login using face or fingerprint in September


Zubair Yaqoob
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Apple is testing a new and fast way to log in to iCloud using a fingerprint or face via the Touch ID or Face ID features as an alternate to a traditional password, on all the company devices,  a new report revealed.

According to engadget, Apple has now provided the login method in the beta version on its latest systems: iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and MacOS. According to the test, when you open “iCloud” on the Safari browser, a pop-up window will appear that requires the user to register access using biometric data – fingerprint or face.

There will be fingerprint device such as the MacBook Pro, which will help to sign in using a fingerprint. Also, iPhones and iPads with their latest versions will have a fingerprint feature so they can be accessed through it.

Although this iCloud touch or face ID feature is still in the pilot phase at the moment, but it is expected to reach full users in September, it can be said that this step is an additional sign-in feature, but at the same time will add more ease to enter the service.

The tech giant also on a test line with new Apple watch, will include features such as prolonging battery life, and will be available with two options GPS And GPS + Cellular.

At the same time, the original Apple applications will include calculator and voice memos, and is expected to be priced within the United States to $ 400.

Apple has added the heart rate monitor to the current generation of its smart Apple watch, but all these features have been limited to the United States only, with the new generation Watch Series 5, Apple is expected to introduce these features to more countries.

Apple Watch, which claims to be supported by the same design as the previous generation, with the addition of a new feature of sleep tracking.

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