Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Australian Minister: We do not want to enter a trade war with China


Hailey Warner
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Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said that his country does not wish to enter into a trade war with China after Beijing announced tariffs on exports of Australian barley, the Australian minister explained. His country does not administer its trade policy on the basis of a reciprocal rule, but rather works “in accordance with the trade rules that we strongly support as a country, and we will continue to do so.

Birmingham stressed that Beijing has the right to use anti-dumping laws and regulations, “We use these laws and rules at times as well.”

It is noteworthy that the bilateral relations were strained between Beijing and Canberra after the latter called for an international investigation into the Corona epidemic (Covid-19).

Earlier, the Chinese embassy in Australia said, “It is only a joke” that Australia claims that the decision of the World Health Assembly calling for an investigation into the Coronavirus was tantamount to support for Canberra’s quest for a global review.

In an unusually explicit statement, the embassy strongly criticized Australia for an issue that had strained relations between the two countries during the past month.

The draft resolution on Covid-19 to be adopted by the World Health Assembly is completely different from Australia’s proposal for an independent global review,” a spokesman for the Chinese embassy said in an e-mail. “To claim that the decision of the World Health Assembly is in support of Australia’s call is only a joke.

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