Thursday, June 30, 2022

Austrian Parliament: There is no place for ISIS operatives in the country


Robert Frank
Robert started his career as a freelance content writer. Now, He is the founder of widely-recognized PR Agency. Robert still writes news pieces on various publications.

Herbert Kickel, head of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Freedom Party (the third largest Austrian party), confirmed that anyone who joined the terrorist group “ISIS” has no place or opportunity to live in Austria.

Kikel said – in a statement on Thursday – that this applies to foreign people and even to those who hold an Austrian passport, in order to ensure the stability and security of citizens in the country.

Kickel called on the current government, which is led by the People’s Party in partnership with the Green Party, to make a greater effort to prevent foreign terrorist fighters in ISIS from returning to the country.

This came against the backdrop of the announcement by Austrian Interior Minister Karl Niemer today that the security authorities will monitor the return of 72 ISIS fighters to Austria.

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