Thursday, May 6, 2021

Austria’s chancellor: The Vienna attackers were highly-trained

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Robert Frank
Robert Frank
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Austria’s advisor, Sebastian Kurtz, stated that the perpetrators of the Vienna terrorist attack were well equipped with weapons and received high-level training.

“One criminal has been eliminated, but the others are still apparently at large,” Kurtz said, “This is definitely a terrorist act. There are 15 wounded at the moment. “

He stressed that the threat in the center of Vienna still exists, and stressed the need for people to stay in their homes, and expressed his hope that the special operation to pursue the attackers would continue for a maximum of several hours with a return to normal life on Tuesday.

The advisor to Austria also indicated that the authorities could not provide any information about the possible motives for the attack.


The Austrian authorities announced, earlier, that the attack included 6 different locations near the largest synagogue in the city, while the police confirmed that there were deaths, including a bystander and a person who participated in the operation, and a number of people injured in several shooting accidents, but their number has not yet been clarified.

The Austrian Chancellor described the operation as a heinous terrorist attack, announcing the deployment of army forces in the city center to guard public sites in order to assist the police.

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