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Boeing donates $ 100 million to the families of 737 MAX crash victims


Zubair Yaqoob
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Boeing announced Wednesday that it will channel US $ 100 million to communities and families affected by two crashes involving a 737 MAX aircraft made up of 346 lives.

Describing the figure as an ‘initial investment’, Boeing said it would work with local governments and welfare organizations to provide expense as a result of ‘hardships and difficulties in life’ thus boosting economic development in the affected areas by the crash of Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air.

Boeing faces various legal acts filed by families of victims following the crash.Boeing said it would also adjust the contributions of employers, families and communities affected by the accident.

Referring to ‘double claim’ in a securities file last April, Boeing said it also worked with various regulatory examinations.

“We can not estimate the losses accurately, if any, it is likely to affect the status of legal claims, investigations and ongoing research,” the company said.

The Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed on March 10 was carrying passengers from more than 33 countries.

Among the passengers were 32 from Kenya, 18 from Canada, 9 from Ethiopia, 8 from Italy, 8 from China, 8 from the United States, 7 from Britain, 7 from France, 6 from Egypt, 5 from Holland, 4 from India, 4 from Slovakia, 3 from Austria, 3 from Sweden, Russia, 2 from Morocco, 2 from Spain, 2 from Poland and 2 from Israel.

Belgium, Indonesia, Somalia, Norway, Serbia, Togo, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda and Yemen had one citizen on board.

The names of four passengers were registered as carrying travel visas issued by the United Nations.

Earlier, a Flight JT 610 Lion Air disappeared from a 13-minute radar after departing from Jakarta on October 29, plunged into the Java Sea on the northern coast of Indonesia and sacrificing all 189 passengers on board.

About 30 casualty victims filed a lawsuit against Boeing, claimed a new model error 737 MAX was the cause of death.

The suit was filed on behalf of passenger family Sudibyo Onggo Wardoyo, 40, from Jakarta, Indonesia.

“Not only does Boeing put a detector that provides inaccurate data, it also failed to provide enough command to aircraft pilots.

“It’s like Boeing closes the eyes and then ties the hands of the pilot for the first time,” said family lawyer Thomas Demetrio in a statement.

Early reporting of the crash from a transport security agency said the pilot was struggling to control the anti-stationary system before the crash.

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