Sunday, August 14, 2022

Brazil President Bolsonaro tested positive for coronavirus


Hailey Warner
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Brazilian newspaper “Atardi” confirmed that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro underwent a fourth test for Coronavirus after he showed some symptoms, which was a positive result, but Bolsonaro said that a new test will be conducted to confirm.

Bolsonaro’s supporters gathered in front of the presidential palace as soon as they heard the news of his report, confirmed that Bolsonaro had a lung injury and that he was due to undergo an X-ray of the lung, despite his confirmation before that he had gone to the hospital and made sure his lung was clean.

Bolsonaro was told that he had 38 degrees of fever, and an oxygen rate of 96% in his blood, indicating that he was taking hydroxychloroquine.

Bolsonaro’s office had canceled all scheduled appointments this week, including the traditional cabinet meeting on Tuesday, and it was also agreed to hold conferences in the coming periods via video conference to avoid the risk of infection.

The Brazilian newspaper “O Globo” said that President Bolsonaro held several meetings recently which would make great concerns about the number of large cases of Coronavirus due to dealing with Bolsonaro.

The newspaper noted that the President participated in the celebration of American independence at the residence of the United States Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, and he did not wear a muzzle and did not respect social distances.

Bolsonaro was having lunch with 9 businessmen and chief executives of large companies at the Presidential Palace.

Bolsonaro is known for his lack of interest in the Coronavirus, always reducing its seriousness, describing it as just a “flu”, and from the beginning, he refused to shut down the country and impose restrictions, and he changed two health ministers because of the dispute over not closing the country in order to save the country.

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