Thursday, July 7, 2022

Breaking: Data predicted on Pandemic COVID-19 to end in number of countries


Hailey Warner
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A study prepared by a university from Singapore relied on simulation and modeling of the spread of the Corona pandemic to extract its (end-date) after afflicting nearly 3 million people (2,828,772 at the time of this writing).

The study was based on data published by countries and health authorities around the world to estimate the life cycle of the virus and its peak in each country.

The study estimates that the Corona pandemic will end in the countries mentioned in it during the coming May and June, while it will end in Egypt on May 20, in Sudan in the same month, and in Saudi Arabia, it will reach its climax on the first of May, until the end of June.

As for India, according to prediction, the pandemic will end on May 20. And as for Pakistan, it will end on June 3.

The study model expects the end of the pandemic in the UAE on May 15, while it will take place in Kuwait until May 29, and Bahrain on June 3.

In Lebanon and Jordan, the results claim that they are the first countries in the region, as the Corona pandemic ended on 19 and 22 this month.

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