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British media shakes the parliament with heavy criticism


Zubair Yaqoob
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British media shakes the parliament with heavy criticism. After the vote on his deal was postponed on Saturday, Boris Johnson warned that the EU and the country could soon become “Brexit-tired”. Juliet Samuel commented in the Telegraph: “People are screaming for a solution”. They are so bored with Brexit that they want to bury him and pull the covers over his head. But he does not want to go like a mosquito, he keeps on humming in our ears.

“People are screaming for a solution”- The Telegraph

The Prime Minister did his best, Juliet writes. “But when the MPs finally agreed to accept the agreement and relieve us of agony, Sir Oliver Letwin beat it out of their hands again. We will not stand by if Brexit threatens to haunt us until after Halloween.

The Sunday Express wrote: Why did not they let us go? “While in the Daily Mail “The House of Fools” is written in large letters on the front page. “Today Britain could have started healing after the end of the Brexit torments. Instead, you’re forcing us another agonizing delay”.

“The House of Fools” written in large letters on the front page of Daily Mail

John Crace from Guardian drew a truly devastating conclusion: “The day ended in chaos, with a miserable Jacob Rees-Mogg who refused to say what exactly the government plans for the coming week. The parliament might try to vote for proposal on Monday – or maybe not. There will be votes. Some significant, others meaningless. A parliament of donkeys, run by roundworms, and not even the most intelligent”.

“The day ended in chaos, with a miserable Jacob Rees-Mogg who refused to say what exactly parliament plans for the coming week” – John Crace

In the Sunday Times: Commentators on the front page make “Brexit destroyers”, commentators believe that sentiment will calm again, “But if there is a new election, we should not delay it any further. After Downing Street fussed over the adjournment of parliament, Boris Johnson’s opponents could call for a delay in the elections to prevent a no-deal Brexit. At present, however, such arguments are not appropriate. The Labor Party insists that she is not afraid of a choice. She should prove it now. Boris Johnson is – despite yesterday’s disappointment – in a good starting position. He would fight for his deal in an election – as an alternative to a no deal or even a Brexit cancellation”.

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