Friday, July 1, 2022

Chelsea wins over Barcelona


Zubair Yaqoob
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Tammy Abraham and Ross Barkley’s net-scored network allow Chelsea to win a 2-1 win over Barcelona in Saitama, just recently.

With the Catalan giants undergoing a two-week pre-season training against The Blues, Frank Lampard’s crew showed an energetic performance and did not give Barcelona much space in the friendly.

Barcelona dropped a £ 107million player, Antoine Griezmann, who managed to form a good combination with Ousmane Dembele with the coupe threatening Chelsea in the beginning of the game.

Chelsea player Ross Barkley (left) beat Barcelona's Frenkie de Jong in a friendly at Saitama
Chelsea player Ross Barkley (left) beat Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong in a friendly at Saitama

However, Sergio Busquets’s unsettling passage was used by Abraham, who easily hit Marc-Andre Ter Stegen for Chelsea’s opening goal.

Both teams exchanged half-time and Barcelona appeared to have been more attacking in the second half for the equalizer.

However, Frank Lampard’s crew improved the tempo of the game and the substitute, Barkley made an impact after exploding the second goal for Chelsea through a dive of a distance of 18 meters.

Ivan Rakitic gave a consolation goal after a stunning attempt to make Barcelona appear to have not been fully physically fit for a preseason. The 2-1 decision was enough for Chelsea to win their second victory for pre-season action to date.

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