Wednesday, July 6, 2022

China: Corona virus death toll rises to 2239, and 75,567 infections


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China’s National Health Committee announced on Friday that it has received reports of 889 new confirmed cases of the new Corona virus, and 118 deaths yesterday, raising the total death to 2239 and confirmed infections to 75567 across the country. The committee stated in its daily report – Of the deaths, 115 were in central China’s Hubei Province (the epicenter of the virus) and one in Zhejiang and Yunnan provinces, and Chongqing municipality.

The committee added that 2109 people were discharged from hospitals yesterday after recovery, bringing the total number of recovered to 18277 people, noting that 5206 people are still suspected of contracting the virus, while 606037 people who were in close contact with the infected patients were tracked, 120,302 of them are still under medical observation.

By the end of Thursday, 68 confirmed cases had been recorded, including two deaths in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 10 confirmed cases in the Macao Special Administrative Region and 24 cases in Taiwan, including one death, while 5 patients had left in Hong Kong and 6 patients in Macao Two in Taiwan have recovered from hospital.

The committee pointed out that the daily number of patients who recently recovered from the new Corona virus infection and left hospitals in China exceeded that of new confirmed infections for the third day in a row, as 2109 people were discharged from hospitals after recovering on Thursday, which is much higher than the number of new infections confirmed They were injured on the same day, which reached 889 people.

Thursday was the second consecutive day in which China witnessed the daily number of confirmed new infections remaining in less than 1,000 cases.

The number of new recoveries in both Hubei Province and its capital, Wuhan (virus spread center) exceeded the number of new infections confirmed on Thursday, with 411 confirmed new infections recorded, compared to 1451 hospitalized patients recovered.

207 cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed infected in Rencheng Prison in Jining City in Shandong Province, east China, after the local authorities completed the DNA testing of all the people concerned, while effective measures were taken to isolate and treat all the infected.

On February 12, a prison officer was isolated in hospital after symptoms of coughing occurred, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) after DNA testing the next day. The provincial government immediately ran a closed prison administration, and began health checks and segregation.

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