Sunday, January 23, 2022

Chinese satellites HY-1C and HY-2B to monitor sea and environment


Zubair Yaqoob
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Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources has unveiled the details of the two sea-observing satellites HY-1C and HY-2B, which were launched last year after they reached their designated orbit.

The HY-1C and HY-2B are the highest level of remote-sensing satellites, said Chinese Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Ling Yueming, adding that China will benefit from the two satellites in both land and sea monitoring, through the establishment of a resource monitoring network which will support environmental protection, stressing the encouragement of his country to exchange satellite data for the service of environmental protection, transport and agriculture as well as other industries.

The H-1C satellite was launched in September 2018, which will help monitor the color of the seas and water temperatures, to provide basic data for studies and research on the world’s marine environment, while the launch of the H-2B satellite in October 2018, which will collect a variety of marine dynamic information such as offshore wind field, wave height and sea surface temperature, providing data to support disaster relief, as well as the use of ocean resources and protection of the marine environment.

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