Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India exceeds 110 people


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The Indian authorities announced that the death toll from confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India exceeded 100 people, and the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – in a statement carried by the (India TV) channel on Sunday, clarified that the number of confirmed cases reached 110 cases, while the Indian government seeks To try to prevent the spread of the virus by sterilizing train, metro and bus stations periodically in all cities.

It is noteworthy that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in late December 2019 in the Chinese city of “Wuhan” in a market for selling wild animals and then spread quickly with a massive movement of citizens to spend the Lunar New Year holiday last January.

It is noteworthy that the Indian government declared the virus (Corona emerging), which is rampant in the country, as a “foretaste” in a measure is described as “exceptional disposal once” of the contagious virus and containing its spread.

The government said – in a statement reported by the Indian channel (NDTV), on Saturday – that the funds of the “Disaster Management Fund” of each Indian state will be used to provide temporary accommodation, food, water, and medical care to the sick and the people in Quarantine camps.

The government added that the “Disaster Management Fund” would also be used to pay the costs of providing additional centers for medical examinations, and protection equipment for the police, health care, and local authorities, as well as to provide thermal scanners and other equipment necessary for government hospitals.

The government indicated that all expenditures will only be derived from state funds and not from the National Disaster Management Fund, and total expenditures on equipment cannot exceed 10 percent of the annual allocation of the fund.

The Indian channel pointed out that there are more than 100 confirmed cases of infection with the “COVID-19” virus in India, and at least two deaths due to the virus.

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