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Coronavirus: Ten countries are already affected by epidemic


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The death toll of the coronavirus rises this Thursday to 19 dead, all deceased in China. But authorities have reported that the virus, which is transmitted through the respiratory tract, could “mutate” and spread more easily.

The list of countries that have reported illnesses due to the virus since it spread from the city of Wuhan continues to grow.

In total, nearly 600 people were infected, mainly on Chinese territory, according to a latest report. Overview of the spread of the virus around the world.


The virus was spotted in mid-December at a wholesale seafood market in Wuhan. Its exact origin is not yet known, but its incubation period is said to be around 14 days.
Sixty cases of this unknown pneumonia had been reported in the month, according to CNN. Patient isolation measures were taken and work to identify the origin of pneumonia was undertaken.

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Since then, China has taken great measures against the virus, de facto quarantining the metropolis of Wuhan at the heart of the epidemic as well as the neighboring city, Huang gang.

South Korea

The first case in South Korea is that of a 35-year-old Chinese woman who arrived in Seoul on January 19 by plane from Wuhan.

United States

A man in his thirties who stayed in the Wuhan area was hospitalized in Everett , near Seattle, where he arrived at January 15, authorities said on January 21.

He contacted the health services himself on January 19, after the onset of symptoms.

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A new case is also suspected in Texas. A young man with “mild respiratory symptoms” and returning from Wuhan was placed in solitary confinement at his home.

He “is doing well” and went to the emergency room “more out of concern than because of his symptoms,” said Dr. Eric Wilke, of health officials in Brazos County, east Texas. Tests should quickly confirm if it is the Chinese virus.


The first case in Japan is that of thirties who had to be hospitalized on January 10 for a high fever and other symptoms. He had returned a few days earlier from a stay in Wuhan.


The state announced on January 23 the first case of coronavirus, a 66-year-old man living in Wuhan arrived three days earlier with fever.


The first case recorded in Taiwan is that of a woman in her 50s who arrived at January 20 from Wuhan, where she lives, suffering from a fever, coughing and a sore throat at Taoyuan airport, from the capital Taipei.


The first case of contamination outside of China was identified in Thailand on January 8: a woman returning from a trip to Wuhan.

Then a 74-year-old Chinese traveler suffering from coronavirus-related pneumonia was hospitalized after arriving at January 13 in Bangkok, also from Wuhan.

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Authorities have set up mandatory thermal detection at airports in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Krabi, for passengers from Chinese risk areas.


Two Chinese men, a man who arrived at January 13 from Wuhan and his son, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam, were hospitalized on January 17 and 18, respectively, in Vietnamese territory after being tested positive. coronavirus, authorities said on January 23.

Macau semi-autonomous region

Macau authorities announced on January 22 the first confirmed case in this semi-autonomous region of China of the coronavirus, a 52-year-old businesswoman who had arrived three days earlier by train from the neighboring Chinese city of Zhuhai.

Hong Kong

Two people who recently stayed in Wuhan tested positive in Hong Kong, where they were hospitalized.

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