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Coronavirus: 52 dead and 129 severe cases with 15 countries confirms infection


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The number of victims of the Coronavirus outbreak today reached 52 deaths, while more than 1,372 people have been confirmed infected Worldwide. The Spectator Index revealed in a twitter message.

Coronavirus update: Russian Deputy Minister of Health, Oleg Salagay, confirmed on Saturday evening, that 7 new cases of Corona virus have been registered in Chinese regions bordering Russia, noting that one of them is fatal. Seven new cases of Coronavirus (one of which is fatal) were reported in the Chinese administrative regions bordering Russia. ”

Chinese President Jinping stressed that the new Corona virus is spreading rapidly, and that his country is facing “a serious situation.

The number of victims of the Corona virus outbreak in China today reached 52 deaths, while more than 1,372 people have been confirmed infected worldwide.

The Director General of Health of France, Jerome Salomon, confirmed that so far only three cases of the new Corona virus have been found in France, and that a page has been launched on the website to follow-up events related to “Corona” formally, stressing that the case of the 3 French citizens who have been exposed Infection with Corona virus is “very good.”

All new deaths occurred in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, which was effectively isolated physically as China rushed to contain the spread of the virus, the vast majority of cases and all confirmed deaths so far were in China, but the virus was also discovered in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Korea Southern, Taiwan, Nepal, France, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, United States, Australia and Canada (presumptive).

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Health officials believe that the virus originally started in a market in Wuhan, where wild animals are trafficked illegally.

The World Health Organization announced that the new Corona virus represented a “state of emergency in China” but declined to declare it an international concern, but the virus continued to spread globally.

The Spectator Index confirmed cases in 15 countries.

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