Friday, July 1, 2022

Death toll in China rises to 636 due to Coronavirus


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The National Health Commission of China said on Friday that the death toll from coronavirus infection on the Chinese mainland rose to 636 as of the end of Thursday, 73 more than the previous day.

Of the total number, the central Hubei Province and the epidemic outbreak center recorded 69 deaths, of which 64 were in Wuhan, the provincial capital.

Across the mainland, there were 3,143 new confirmed cases on Thursday, and then the total number of infected reached 31,161.

In Hubei province, injuries increased by 2,447 cases and the total number was 22,212. The number of injured in Wuhan increased by 1,501 on Thursday.

In the same context, the Chinese Ministry of Transport said that China will establish quarantine areas in public transport vehicles to reduce the risk of the spread of the new Corona virus during the peak travel at the end of the Spring Festival.

According to the Chinese news agency “Xinhua”, in addition to controlling the number of passengers in public transportation and promoting hygiene and sterilization, an isolated space will be designated at the end of public transport vehicles as a place for temporary quarantine in an emergency, according to Cai Tuanjie, an official with the ministry during a press conference.

The official added that passengers who suffer from a sudden rise in temperature or show any other suspicious symptoms during the trip will be isolated in these places and transferred to a test station for further examination as soon as possible.

The country will see a rise in the number of return flights on February 9, and it is expected that about 400 million passenger trips will be made during the second half of the Spring Festival travel peak, a decrease of about 70% from last year.

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