Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Does space affects human body? NASA uses telomere


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at wnobserver.com

NASA has compared twin astronauts to see if space affects the human body. Astronaut Scott Kelly spent nearly a year at the ISS.

A study by NASA showed that the comparison of twins, one of which ended nearly a year in space and the other spent time on earth, shows that most dramatic changes to the human body in space are not permanent.

Scott Kelly, who was aboard the International Space Station between 2015 and 2016, faced many physical and genetic changes that did not occur to his twin brother, but as soon as Kelly landed in space, his body gradually returned to normal, The mission remains on Kelly, challenging scientists as they explore longer space trips, such as traveling to Mars.

“If you look at the changes we see in Scott, the vast majority of them returned to the baseline in a relatively short period of time when he returned to Earth,” said Stephen Platz, vice president of scientists at NASA’s Human Research Program.

NASA discovered the telomeres of astronaut that was in space became longer, the parts that are located on the ends of the chromosomes, where they become shorter as man advances in age.

The finding shocked scientists at NASA’s human research program, which decided to use telomeres as a means of measuring aging.

Scientists are currently studying telomere prolongation as a means of reversing aging and overcoming cancer, but scientists are not sure why long-standing telomeres have been in orbit for a long time.

It is also surprising that after Kelly’s return to Earth, telomeres began to shrink and became shorter than they were before the mission began.

Susan Bailey, one of the study participants, said the study was the first time the telomere length was measured in astronauts.

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