Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Doha world cup 2022…. Big bribes scandal sparked controversy in Gulf


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at wnobserver.com

The scandal of new bribes uncovered by the international press, involving both the Qatari regime and the International Federation of Football (FIFA), has sparked controversy in the Gulf after the Sunday Times revealed leaked documents that confirm Qatar’s victory in organizing the World Cup after payment. Doha amounts to $ 880 million for the FIFA.

In this context, the channel “Mubasher Qatar” revealed a loud surprise regarding former Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim, one of the most prominent symbols of the suspected organization Hamdeen, waiting for the British prisons, after renewed controversy over his involvement in three presidential cases related to bribery, kidnapping, torture and unfair practices.

The report of Qatar’s opposition channel confirmed that the Qatari embassy in London had appointed Hamad bin Jassem a normal job several years ago in order to grant him diplomatic immunity after he began pursuing lawsuits in 2008.

The report of the channel “Mubasher Qatar”, that in the event of the fall of immunity is expected to be prosecuted in three separate crimes, the first case of bribery, which gets packets from Barclays, especially after the new evidence of his involvement and the possibility of imprisonment under British law, Serious Fraud Critical evidence against Bin Jassem includes a collection of emails containing payment of coupons and handwritten profits and his meeting with officials directly.

The report pointed out that the former spokesman of Qatar’s Foreign Ministry, Fawaz al-Attiyah, accused him of kidnapping and torturing him for 15 months, in addition to being involved in a series of bribes related to Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup. Investigations indicate that he played a pivotal role in it. After that Doha to host the World Cup, and continued: “Hamad to see britain prison soon?”.

Gulf writers and experts exposed the country’s alleged corrupt system, revealing the size of the losses suffered by the al-Hamdeen organization after its reputation had been polluted externally, and its image before the international community became palpable.

Saudi Arabia’s political analyst, Fahd Al Dibaji, said that Qatar had relied on a policy of defaming Saudi Arabia, believing that it would win the battle, pushing billions into bribes and losing billions to defend itself, although the solution was easy for them.

Saudi political analyst, in a tweet said, “I think losing to organizing the Doha World Cup, makes them think a thousand times about Saudi Arabia.

In turn, the Saudi writer, Salman Al Dosari, attacked the Qatari system in a tweet through his personal account on Twitter: In all continents the scandal of the dirtiest World Cup in history spread like a wildfire.

“Qatar has paid 5 times the rights of television broadcasting to FIFA as part of the agreement to win the hosting of the World Cup, which means that it has been granted the rights of television transport in a dishonest way. Even the rights of transport are termed corruption, and we will not allow the corrupts to spread their venom in our country,” he said.

For his part, Khaled al-Zaatar, a Saudi political analyst said in a tweet that Qatar was betting on money diplomacy and the amount of its money injected into the British property was $ 30 billion. British Sunday Times documents on Doha’s kickbacks to FIFA reflect the failure of Britain’s money diplomacy to cover the scandals.

Jamal al-Harbi said: “It is no surprise that the Qatari regime is trying to hit the Gulf. It has repeatedly tried and failed, but it is strange that the young man seeks to resolve his small crisis by striking the Saudi-Emirati relationship, which is far greater than his political adolescence.

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