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Eight simple ways to resolve your router issues, learn more


Zubair Yaqoob
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Internet users face many of the problems of the router responsible for Internet connection, which causes the frustration, although these problems can be easily resolved without having to go to one of the programmers to solve, here are eight ways to solve the most prominent problems experienced by the router;

Slow or not Internet access to some places in the house

The Wi-Fi network is radio waves, which means that your device is transmitted in all directions from a central location. If it is located at a distance from your home, its signal area covers much of the outside world for no reason.

The router must be moved to a place in the middle of the house, and the closer you are to it, the more it will signal and receive every place in the house to signal.

If you have external antennas, you can also try adjusting them, and switching between vertical and horizontal positions can help you get more than one direction.

If you live in an apartment building, the signals of the radiators inside the building may interfere with each other and may show you free programs such as “NetSpot on Mac, Windows and Android or Wi-Fi analyzer.  For the system Android “If your device is interfering with nearby networks, consider switching to a non-interference destination.

If none of this helps, your home may be too large for a single router to cover, so you’ll need to buy a new device or set up an old router to act as a device to extend the main router.

Slow internet everywhere

If your Wi-Fi speed is slow regardless of where you are, try connecting your laptop to the modem directly and test your internet speed with a location like speedtest.net, and if the speeds are still low, the problem is likely to be related to your Internet connection, not to the router, so contact your service provider.

The problem may be due of the number of people who use your router’s Internet or the nearby network interference in your signal, so you can change your device’s path from the settings.

If this is not the problem, your current wireless channel is likely to be overloaded by your devices or those in other nearby networks.

If the delay persists, you can switch factory setting again. On most routers, there is a Reset button that you can press for 30 seconds. If none of the above works, you must purchase a new router.

Do not connect to the Internet

The Internet is idle for many times, and if there is no problem with the basic service provider, you can follow these steps:

– Turn off the router on your computer or phone, and then turn it back on.

– Close your phone for 30 seconds and restart it.

– Delete your current network from the list of networks saved on your device, and then call again.

– If none of this works, close and restart the router.

Do not connect to the Wi-Fi

If you can not connect to the Wi-Fi network, connect the laptop to the router directly using a cable, to make sure that the Internet works. If this succeeds, the problem is in the Wi-Fi, but if it does not work, your internet may be completely off, in that case you will need to contact your provider Internet access.

You can solve most of the problems that you experience by restarting your router, just press the reset button on the back of the router for 30 seconds.

Communication becomes slow at certain times

You may experience interference from other networks or devices. If your neighbors are using Wi-Fi at a certain time of day, you will have a communication problem, and you can solve this as before by pointing your signal to a far cry from network congestion and signal interference .

Disappearance of the Wi-Fi network

If you lose a Wi-Fi network trace on any device, it is possible that the router re-adjusts itself, connect the laptop via an external cable, and see if you have a connection.

Router stopped working suddenly

If the router needs to be rebooted regularly, you can do so by pressing the reset button. In most routers, you will find a “reset” button that you can press on for a long time.

If this does not work, the router may be nearing damage, so you will need to return it if it is within the warranty period, or buy a new one.

Forgot your password

If you lose your Wi-Fi password, you can reset the router again, and set a new password.

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2 years ago

Here are some common issues that are discussed in this post and the best thing is that the solutions provided about the issues are really well defined and easily understandable.

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