Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Elon Musk returns to Twitter without the explanation


Hailey Warner
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Tesla electric car company CEO Elon Musk returned to social media after retiring from Twitter last week without any explanation.

Late Monday, the owner of the space firm SpaceX sent a congratulatory tweet to the crew of the Dragon spacecraft that completed 13 successful Mark 3 parachute tests.

But last Friday, he surprised his 29 million followers after retiring from the platform with a simple message: “Not sure about good of Twitter,” followed by “Going offline”.

On and Off retiring affected the following of Elon Musk

It has been known for the past few months that his credibility has been slightly affected following his comments on Twitter.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission alleging it misled Tesla investors on the platform until the case was settled in court asking him to step down as chairman of the automotive firm.

Elon Musk was also charged after slandering a man who helped rescue 12 teenage boys who were trapped in a cave in Thailand last year following a tweet calling the British rescue a ‘pedophile man’.

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