Saturday, May 8, 2021

Germany takes UK off COVID-19 ‘high-risk countries’ list

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Robert Frank
Robert Frank
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Germany announced the removal of Britain from the list of high-risk countries due to the Corona Virus.

The World Health Organization said that the continent of Europe has exceeded one million deaths due to the Coronavirus and that the situation is still “dangerous”, with about 1.6 million cases being recorded.

The head of the organization’s regional office in Europe, Hans Kluge, indicated that the risk of people with Covid-19 developing blood clots is much higher than for people who receive the AstraZeneca virus vaccine.


He explained that the Corona death rate among people over the age of 80 years, who have been given priority to receive vaccines, has decreased to nearly 30%, which is the lowest level in the epidemic.

He added: “At the present time, the risk of developing blood clots is much higher for a person with Covid-19 than for someone who received the AstraZeneca vaccine,” noting that “there should be no doubt about that. The AstraZeneca vaccine is effective in reducing infection with the virus and preventing deaths.” “, Stressing that the World Health Organization recommends its use for all eligible adults.


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