Saturday, December 4, 2021

Google Chrome reaches 5 billion users after new updates


Zubair Yaqoob
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The Chrome browser has achieved a new high after reaching 5 billion users installed on their devices, not the first achievement of its kind for Google, where YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail and Google search engine to the 5 billion users earlier.

Google Chrome has added many features in recent months that have barely contributed to its arrival to that number of users, a dark situation and improved file sharing and secret words, making its use better and easier.

The search giant Google has added a wonderful feature in its program to maintain users, reporting and reporting of malicious sites and suspicious, which works by the appearance of the icon “flag” beside the search engine, so that the color orange if the site visited by the user suspicious or harmful .

Browsers can also send a complaint to Google to file a complaint for malicious and suspicious sites. The author sends a screenshot, URL and HTML to Google for action.

The Chrome browser added another feature is to alert users when visiting any site is not true, and this by sending a warning message to the user shows the real and fake site and ask if he wanted to visit the site malicious or he meant the real site.

Google Chrome recommends the previous search instead of the pages you already clicked on, and it no longer allows users to type the first few letters of the URL to locate and then suggest the rest automatically.

The user will need to scroll through the suggestions list or write the name of the site manually, prompting users to go to Twitter to report the matter.

A user wrote: Did he notice the Google Chrome update? They prefer Google search results when you type an URL address to point you to the website you want to go to.

It is reported that Google solved the problem in a new update, which you can install it within the program.

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