Thursday, June 30, 2022

Google Chrome teaches you to remove harmful viruses from your device


Zubair Yaqoob
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Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers around the world. Every year Google tries to add many features to its famous browser, and some people do not know that Google Chrome has a feature that enables its owners to check their device to eliminate harmful virus and malicious contents without having install or purchase a specialized program.

It goes without going to the specialists to examine the device, by pressing a button you can check it from home after following the steps:

– Install the latest version of Chrome.
– Open the Google Chrome browser through your laptop or computer.
-Press the three dots on the top left.
– Go to Settings.
– Scroll down and look for the “Advance” option.
– In the “Reset and Clean” section, click the “Clean Computer” option
– Users can also simply type chrome: // settings / cleanup and press enter to go to the cleaning settings option directly
– Click the “Search” button in the “Search for Malware” section, so Chrome can find and remove malware on your computer.
– When you click on it, it will start detecting and searching for malware and the entire computer, which may take some time.
– If any damage is found, click the “Remove” button to delete it and protect your device.

Google has recently launched first trial version of the browser  of Chrome, which supports the night mode on the Windows operating system, in order to provide a browsing experience for users based on the night mode, after providing an option to activate this situation through the settings of the browser.

It offers many control options for viewing content and customizing it to users’ preferences. There is an option to reduce motion and stop animated graphics on iOS, Mac, Android and the operating system. Windows.

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