Thursday, October 28, 2021

How to keep your privacy on Facebook and protect your data?


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver
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Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps we all use.According to a report, there are around 90 million social network accounts that have been affected by a security and privacy vulnerability recently discovered by the company’s engineers in one of the features of the application.In this report we learn how to maintain your privacy And protect your FB data.

Facebook does not link to all your applications

Go to Facebook and unlink all your apps with it.To see a list of apps that can access and delete your FB account, go to Settings then Apps, and you’ll see a list of apps and websites that FB used to sign in, remove apps and websites That you no longer want.

Do not participate in quizzes tests

Avoid tests on Facebook, as you may end up sharing more information than you think you are offering to third-party data collectors, so avoid doing odd tests on FB.

See Privacy settings

Make sure you select your audience before posting anything, especially your photos, it’s best to select “Friends only.”

notifications

Enable sign-in alerts from Settings, and receive notifications each time you sign in to your account from an unknown computer or phone, go to Security and sign-in settings, then Settings and get alerts about unrecognized sign-ins, tap Edit Then choose where you want to receive alerts and save your changes.

Remove location information

When you post something, Facebook sometimes automatically records your location or address, and you don’t have to post information about your site, so always try to remove location details from your post.

Block suspected friends

If you see a friend behaving strangely on Facebook or posting strange things, it’s likely that their account has been hacked, contact him / her to check first, and if yes, block that friend on FB as soon as possible.

Keep your personal data confidential

Your personal data such as the number of your Facebook friends, age or city should not be disclosed.

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