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If you buy new phone for your kid, learn the details


Zubair Yaqoob
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Children use smart phones to communicate, learn and play, but when a child asks for a new phone that looks only at the camera’s specifications, memory and the external shape, there are many other things to pay attention to:

Battery life

You want to buy a phone for your baby. The first thing to notice is the battery life. Many batteries end up quickly, so it’s not normal to buy a phone that might die before your child finishes playing.

Most average phone batteries amount to about 3000 mAh or so and usually provide at least a full day of use in a single shipment. The more power the phone has, the longer it lasts.

Water resistance

Attention to the IP code, which is responsible for determining the phone’s resistance to water and dust, is the best classification of waterproof phones IP68, which shows that the phone is completely safe from dust and it is difficult to seize the phone, and can be flooded to one meter.

Some phones do not officially support the IP code, although they are resistant to water and dust. The code is a confirmation step.

Operating system updates

The most important thing about camera specifications and memory is the operating system updates, where Android phones get two types of updates: large operating system updates such as patches Android Q Next, security, and operating system updates are released once a year, while security patches are released every month.

Insurance methods

After buying the smartphone, it is important to keep it safe and close properly to keep the information on it. In addition to having a PIN or password, most phones now use the fingerprint system to close the smartphone. Your child can record the fingerprint on the sensor and the phone will not open. Only when the fingerprint is detected.

Many Android phones come with a face-opening system, which is usually operated by a front camera for the phone but is not a safe way, but it is good for your child to have multiple options to access his phones.

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