Friday, July 1, 2022

IMF: Coronavirus crisis is worst since the Great Depression


Hailey Warner
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The International Monetary Fund’s director Kristalina Georgieva said today, Monday, that the crisis, sparked by the spread of the new Coronavirus, is the worst since the Great Depression.

The world is rapidly approaching 2.5 million cases of coronavirus infection, according to the “Infogram”, which is concerned with monitoring and analyzing infection data in the countries of the world, numbers reached 2.414,098 cases, while deaths reached 165,153, and cases of similar recovery reached 629,046 cases.

And the United States of America ranked first in the number of injuries by about 764,265 cases, and 40,565 cases died, while 71,012 cases recovered. Spain, in turn, maintained the second place with a number of injuries amounting to 198,674 cases, died 20,453, and recovered 77,537 cases.

Italy recorded 178,972 cases to occupy the third position, 23,600 cases died, and 47,055 cases recovered, and France ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of injuries, with 152,899 injuries recorded, while 36,578 recovered, and 19,718 thousand died.

Yesterday, cases of recovery from the emerging coronavirus around the world exceeded 600,000 cases, while the total number of infections reached 2,340,856 cases, and the “Infograph” website for monitoring cases around the world monitored, the number of deaths reached 160,903 cases.

The United States of America has kept the world ranking in terms of the number of injuries, reaching more than 735,000 people, after recording nearly 34,000 new cases during the past 24 hours. Johns Hopkins University, in its most recent data, issued it on Its official website, that the total number of injuries has reached 735 thousand and 287 cases, and 39 thousand and 90 deaths have been recorded since the outbreak of the disease.

The American University pointed out that the global outcome of coronavirus infection has reached two million and 330 thousand, and the number of deaths reached 160 thousand and 925 cases worldwide.

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