Saturday, November 27, 2021

India to split Jammu and Kashmir by forcing governor’s rule in disputed territories Tomorrow


Zubair Yaqoob
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India will officially split the disputed territories of Jammu and Kashmir into two federal territories, tomorrow, to strengthen its grip on the remote region, which has witnessed a brutal security operation for three months.

A former bureaucrat who had served in Kashmir and visited the region last month, Wijahat Habibullah said Kashmir residents felt despised to lose their own country.

Wijahat Habibullah be sworn in as the first lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir

“Based on previous government policies, they at least have their own. Now, they feel they have lost all their freedom”, he said.

Radha Krishna Mathur, will be sworn as lieutenant governor of Ladakh

Tomorrow, a former bureaucrat in the state of Gujarat, home of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be sworn in as the first lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir unions, the government said.

Another former civil servant, Radha Krishna Mathur, will be lieutenant governor of Ladakh, a Buddhist-majority province that has long wanted to separate from Kashmir.

The Modi administration hopes to boost tourism and infrastructure investment in Ladakh, famous for its snow-capped mountain peaks.

Last August, Modi’s Hindu nationalist government revoked Kashmir’s autonomy and announced the division of the two territories to be ruled by New Delhi directly.

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