Saturday, January 29, 2022

iOS 13 will allow users to change the size of application icons on the home screen


Zubair Yaqoob
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Apple added a new feature in iOS 13 that will allow people to change the size of application icons on iPad and iPhone, to allow users to customize and modify their main screen.

With the new bug fixes, the company released its fifth trial version of iOS13 for developers. The company also added iPadOS features, while the icon resizing feature is being tested on iPadOS and iOS 13, users can set the application network to 4×5 or 6×5, resulting in larger or smaller icons.

The “More” setting displays icons, including 30 smaller application icons, while Bigger shows up to 20 more application icons.

The trial version also updates the “sharing options” on iPadOS and iOS 13, adding new sections to add shortcuts and easy navigation.

In addition, the version allows users to adjust the volume on the iPhone and iPad between 34 levels of voice,

On iOS 13 earlier in June with the “Dark Mode” feature, photo features, the advanced camera, the “Sign in with Apple” gadget and the new Apple Maps experience released.

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