Saturday, November 27, 2021

Israeli embassy staff in 100 countries call a day strike against work environment


Hailey Warner
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An average of Israeli embassy start a strike on Wednesday, closing more than 100 embassies and consulates around the world in protest of the work environment.

The strike was part of a long-standing dispute between diplomatic staff and finance ministers who, according to diplomats, changed spending rules to welcome official guests.

“We have to shut down Israeli embassy work around the world today. No services will be provided to the public and the delegation reception will not be allowed”, said a foreign ministry union statement.

Israeli ambassador to Belgium, Emmanuel Nahshon, said the dispute involved a treasury claim requesting a receipt in a bid to entertain guests.

“Our embassy is closed like any other Israeli embassy in the world. When you have dinner or other activities, it is not possible to prepare all receipts”.

“They need to trust us when such expenses are declared,” he said.

Israeli financial newspaper Globes reported the ministry was in deep crisis, following a sharp budget cut last month.

In addition, the chief accountant directs representatives to terminate all business travel and to terminate work for the employees.

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