Sunday, May 29, 2022

Japan launches unmanned cargo ship to International Space Station


Zain Zubair
Zain Zubair is a staff writer for World News Observer. He is studying ACCA in Pakistan. Besides Accountancy and writing pieces, he loves cooking and nature photography. Zain has attended various modern journalism workshops. Contact: [email protected]

An unmanned Japanese cargo ship will be launched to the International Space Station after a two-week delay due to the launch pad fire.

According to the US space website, the Japanese space exploration agency, the HTV-8 spacecraft, will launch towards the space station from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan aboard an H-IIB rocket.

The take-off time is 12:05 pm EST, which starts at 6:05 pm Egypt time. You can watch the live broadcast here via NASA TV.

HTV-8 transports more than 4 tons of supplies to the International Space Station for the station’s six crew.

“The plane will deliver six new lithium-ion batteries and suitable transformer panels that will replace the old nickel-hydrogen batteries in two channels at the top of the station,” NASA officials said in a statement.

“The batteries will be fixed through a series of robots and spacewalks by station crew members later this year.”

On board the HTV-8 is a small experimental satellite communication system called SOLIS designed to allow speeds of up to 100 Mbps downlink from the space station, and an hourglass experiment to test the effects of gravity on powder and granular materials.

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