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Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrates their 10th wedding anniversary


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Kate Middleton and Prince William, Duchess, and Duke of Cambridge celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, by posting photos of them, taken this week, through the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official Twitter account.

Duchess and Duke of Cambridge

Prince William appeared in a picture as he hugged Kate Middleton in a caring way, while both seemed happy and smiled while looking at the camera, and the Duchess of Cambridge wore a delicate dress in a light milky color, while her wavy locks were elegantly draped, and she adopted quiet makeup to take pictures.

The account mentioned on the photos: “The photos were taken early this week to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William

On the other hand, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore earrings made of pearls, which she borrowed from the Queen Elizabeth II jewelry collection, in honor of the Queen of Britain on her 95th birthday, and Kate Middleton, 39 years old, borrowed earrings studded with diamonds and pearls from Queen Elizabeth Which she wore for the first time to celebrate her silver jubilee in 1977.

Kate Middleton wore an elegant Dolce & Gabbana coat, with golden buttons on the coat, when she joined her husband, Prince William, on a student flight training center visit.

The visit, which took place on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday, was in honor of the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, who was the Honorary Air Commodore and Commander of the Squadron for 63 years before Kate assumed the position of Commander in Chief in 2015.

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