Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Kurdish militia and their allies suspended combat missions against IS


Sajid Aziz
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Kurdish militia and their allies have completely suspended their combat missions against the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia.

“We have frozen all our activities against the IS“, said Mazlum Abdi, head of the rebel alliance Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Kurdish television station Ronahi reported on Wednesday. Kurdish fighters of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) have partnered with smaller Arab militias.

Despite international warnings, Turkey launched its offensive against the Kurdish areas a week ago, after the United States cleared the way for a Turkish invasion with the withdrawal of its troops from northern Syria.

Turkey claims to be fighting mainly against the YPG, which classifies as a terrorist organization. For the Americans and other Western states, the Kurdish militia was for many years an important ally in the fight against IS.

There are fears that the Turkish intervention will weaken the fight against the IS militia and give the thousands of IS fighters and their relatives the opportunity to escape in Kurdish detention. Already in recent days there have been reports of escaped prisoners, who are close to the jihadist militia.

The UN Security Council dealing with the conflict, also warns against the resurgence of terrorist militia. The most powerful UN body was deeply worried about the risk of escaped jihadists, said South African UN Ambassador Jerry Matjila on Wednesday in New York after a meeting of the Security Council.

There is also concern about a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the northeast of the civil war country.

Although the German ambassador Christoph Heusgen and his American counterpart Kelly Craft to the UN pleaded for an end to the invasion of Ankara, but according to Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya, the entire Security Council had not discussed for an end to the military action. The topic was at the end of the agenda last Thursday.

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