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Learn the story of first planet discovered by telescope


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Uranus is the first planet to be discovered through the telescope. Uranus occupies several levels in our solar system. It is the seventh planet in terms of its position on the Sun, as well as the third largest planet in the group and the fourth planet in terms of the Celtic. Here is the most important information about the planet and who is the discoverer.

Basic information about Uranus

Uranus discovered in 1781
Uranus discovered in 1781

– Uranus was named after the Jonah, which was discovered in 1781.

– The size of the planet Uranus about 60 times the size of the earth.

– At the beginning of his discovery was not classified as a planet, because of the slow rotation in orbit.

– The composition of Uranus is similar to that of Neptune.

– Uranus has a system of 13 rings and a magnet and the number of moons 27.

– Uranus is most distinguished by the fact that the axis of its rotation is highly inclined.

– Turns its moons around it clockwise.

– Thin structure in the atmosphere compared to other giant planets.

– Uranus is one of the coldest planets in the solar system.

– The probe that is monitored is Voyager 2.

Who is the planet discoverer:

Friedrich William Herschel
Friedrich William Herschel

Friedrich William Herschel is a German astrologer and discoverer of the planet Uranus. He was famous for the telescope industry, making more than 400 telescopes.

He also discovered more than 2,400 nebulae and divided them into 8 categories. In addition to his discovery of Uranus, he also discovered two satellites of Saturn.

He was the first to point to the existence of the solar system moving in space. Despite his scientific superiority, he was proficient in learning languages ​​and music. He was fluent in English and French as well as in Latin and Greek. He became a music teacher, composer and composer.

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