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London bridge attack: Metropolitan police shot the terrorist


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London Bridge attack: A man attacked several people with a knife on Friday afternoon on London Bridge and was subsequently shot dead by the police. Scotland Yard confirmed in the afternoon that the man died on the scene.

The terror department has taken over the investigation after the knife attack was classified as “terror-related”. This had resulted “from the nature of the attack”, but also from the fact that he had worn a dummy explosives vest.

“London Bridge investigation after the knife attack was classified as terror-related”

However, you also determine in other directions. They wanted “nothing to exclude,” they said. The crime scene was cordoned off at noon. The police asked the Londoners to avoid the area around the bridge for the time being.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on Twitter that he was continuously being briefed by the police and thanked the police and rescue services for their response.

Video footage spread on social networks seemed to indicate that the suspect was lying on the ground when he was hit by the police.

“Two and a half years ago, in June 2017, Bridge had been the scene of a terrorist attack”

Another man ran away from the scene with a long knife in his hand; it was unclear if it was the knife of the suspect. Another video showed police officers pointing their guns at a white pickup truck.

Afterwards, several officers approached the vehicle to control the hold. The pickup truck was surrounded by London buses and police cars.

Two and a half years ago, in June 2017, London Bridge had been the scene of a terrorist attack. At that time, three Islamists initially killed three pedestrians with a delivery van; three others were injured.

Following the perpetrators drove to the nearby Borough Market and stabbed with knives indiscriminately on passers-by; some were slashed. Five people were killed in the attack, 48 injured.

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