Saturday, January 29, 2022

Malaysia: coordinating border controls to combat migrant smuggling


Hailey Warner
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The Malaysia police announced their cooperation with the armed forces and other enforcement agencies in conducting coordinated border controls across the country to fight gangs that smuggle illegal immigrants.

The Inspector-General of the Malaysia Police, Abdul Hamid Badur-said, according to the Malaysian news agency (Bernama) today, that the police succeeded in arresting hundreds of individuals involved in the smuggling of migrants.

He added: “And certainly these arrests will prevent illegal immigrants from infiltrating through unknown methods.

It is noteworthy that Malaysia arrested about 395 illegal immigrants and 108 people from the cells of the smuggling gang during the border controls conducted from May 1 to June 8 after trying to enter the country illegally.

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It is worth noting that border controls were launched in May with the participation of the National Task Force in cooperation with multiple enforcement agencies including the armed forces, the police, the Maritime Navigation Agency, the Ministry of Health, the Civil Defense Force, the Immigration Administration, and the volunteer administration.

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