Sunday, May 29, 2022

Mayor of London: Think before you leave the house


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Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, confirmed that the measures taken by the British government to stop the spread of infection of the Coronavirus among citizens depend on their commitment to the procedures during the weekend. That we’re all taking this weekend, ” he told the residents:“ Before you leave the house, please think about whether your trip is really necessary or not. Don’t let one single weekend undo weeks of hard work. ”

Sadiq Khan’s Tweet

He also reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now studying the need to use non-medical face covers to help slow the spread of the new Coronavirus, and the Mayor of London commented on this topic, saying: “I welcome the news that the Prime Minister is looking to use Non-medical face caps to help slow the spread of corona. This is something others have prompted the government to do for some time now.

Sadiq Khan added, in another tweet, “The sacrifices we made were tough, but I promise you it deserves it. Social divergence will help us to overcome COVID-19 faster. We have arrived so far, so we cannot stop now.”

He also shared a video of a group of doctors in a London hospital treated for people with the emerging coronavirus as they send a message to the residents of their homes to continue the plan to fight the global epidemic, and Sadiq Khan tweeted to comment on the video saying: “We have come a long way since the beginning of this crisis, but now It is not the time to stop following the rules.

Sadiq Khan warned of the danger of breaking the UK government’s isolation rules and measures to stem the outbreak of the new Coronavirus due to improved weather, saying: “We need all London’s help to stop the virus and save lives. Warm weather is no excuse for breaking the rules.”

Sadiq Khan issued an appeal to Londoners, saying: “You only leave your home for basic travel, shopping for food and medical needs, or for exercise once a day. Together, we will overcome this by staying at home.”

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