Thursday, July 7, 2022

‘Narcocat’ Cat caught bootlegging drugs into Panama Prison


Robert Frank
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The Panamanian authorities announced that a cat was used to smuggle drugs near a prison in Panama after a small bag hanging around his neck raised suspicion.

This cat, which local media called “Narcocat” (the drug dealer cat), was seized upon his way to the campus of Nueva Esperanza prison, which houses more than 1700 prisoners in the Caribbean province of Colon, about 80 km north of the capital, Panama.

The Director-General of the Prisons Authority of Panama, Andres Guterres, explained that “a piece of cloth that was wrapped around the neck of the cat contained several packages containing plant material and transparent plastic closures with white powder“.

The district attorney in charge of drug cases, Eduardo Rodriguez, announced that “an investigation has been opened into the use of animals to transport illegal substances to Nueva Esperanza prison.” And it turned out that the forbidden substances that were smuggled through the cat were cocaine, crack (cocaine rock), and marijuana.

Rodriguez noted that prisoners attract animals into the prison by feeding them in order to load them with the drugs they wish to smuggle, and the cat, an adult male with a white popper spotted red, was delivered to an animal welfare association

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