Friday, July 1, 2022

NASA invites public to help growing plant in the Space


Zubair Yaqoob
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The Fairchild Tropical Plant in Miami, in partnership with NASA, invites everyone to participate in its Growing Beyond Earth Maker competition, where the challenge lies in the invention of systems used to plant on and off the ISS.

Fairchild and NASA began their partnership in 2015 to find more ways to preserve plant life in space.

Last summer, the Botanic Garden received a grant of about $ 750,000 from NASA to support the agriculture studio, a community dedicated to space food cultivation technology.

While NASA is looking to preserve human life in space, it faces the challenge of long-term food production. The competition hopes to find a new way to create 3D space on spacecraft, to preserve plants without human intervention, and to design an automated system for planting and harvesting.

The competition will be divided into three categories: professional teams, colleges and secondary schools with the selection of a winner from each group.

In the first stage, the contestants must enter and submit the designs by February 3, 2020. The referees, engineers and vegetarians, will choose 15 teams to move to the second stage and get $ 500 to support the prototype and test their design.

The winners of each category will receive a salary to attend the 2020 annual conference and will be considered for future NASA missions.

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