Saturday, January 29, 2022

NASA picks up astonishing picture of a strange mountain on the Ceres asteroid


Zubair Yaqoob
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NASA revealed a picture of a mountain Ahuna Mons on the Ceres asteroid, located between the main cosmic belt between Mars and Jupiter, and is the largest rock in space for the solar system.

NASA has shown that the discovered mountain is unlike anything seen before. It is equipped with many small vertical strips instead of nozzles and drills. This image was obtained from the data for the asteroid probe, Dawn, the fuel ran out last year.

Mountain on the asteroid Ceres
Mountain on the asteroid Ceres

The discovery is important for the Sears asteroid and for missions that are expected to detect possible asteroids containing organic matter, said lead author Hannah Kaplan.

NASA does not yet know how the material appeared on the surface of Ceres, but it is likely to arrive by comets and other asteroids that have been infected.

NASA announced that it had discovered organic molecules on a lake on Mars that had retained its vital components of life for about 3 billion years.

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