Thursday, August 11, 2022

NASA respond critics on cancellation of women’s space flight: Safety first


Zubair Yaqoob
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NASA responded to critics of the cancellation of the first women’s spacewalk by saying: “Safety is always our priority.” It was widely attacked after it announced the replacement of astronaut McClain to flight engineer Nike on March 29, McClain and astronaut Kristina Koch are on a mission together outside the International Space Station (ISS), which is a routine journey to the space station but a historical moment.

nasa tweet

After knowing that no other suit was available, McCLain withdrew from the task without having to ask for another suit in less than a week. NASA and McCLain spoke of the decision after being severely attacked, asserting that replacing astronauts was safer than switching allowances at the last minute.

“The decision was based on my recommendation,” said McCLain on Wednesday morning. “Leaders have to make tough calls, and I’m lucky to work with a team that trusts me. The task procedure comes first ”

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NASA responded to its critics that there was not enough space allowance, that it had more than one medium-sized space suit, but that changing the traffic functions was safer than providing space allowance of different sizes.

As announced, spacewalks will continue on March 29, with both Koch and Nike replacing old nickel and hydrogen batteries with new lithium-ion batteries.

And it is tentatively scheduled that McClain’s next space flight will take place on April 8 with Canadian astronaut David San Jacques.

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