Monday, October 25, 2021

NASA selects 12 projects before 2024 moon flight


Zubair Yaqoob
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NASA, after selecting first three providers of lunar landing services in 2024, agency has now selected 12  projects of science and technology that will help carry out research and studies on the moon.

According to the engagdet, the US will help the 12 projects study the moon, where the probe will be called MoonRanger, by creating three-dimensional maps of the moon’s surface. Astrobotic Space Science has a $ 5.6 million contract with NASA to develop a lightweight, self-guided probe that will also serve as a long-distance communications system for moon exploration.

There is another project called Heimdall, A camera system that helps to better understand the geological characteristics of the moon, which will also monitor the downside risks and potential movement of spacecraft. Most of the other instruments will focus on moon formation, heat flow and other characteristics.

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It uses a project Lunar Magneto telluric Sounder Magnetometer made for spacecraft MAVEN to study the electric and magnetic fields of the moon, at the same time, the electromagnetic experiment of the surface moon will use the hard waves again from MAVEN And other missions to monitor electromagnetic phenomena on the moon.

All 12 projects will make their way to the moon on future flights through NASA’s Net Load Service Project in early 2021.

“The selected moon payloads are sophisticated innovations, and will benefit from early flights through our business services project, each demonstrating either a new scientific tool or technological innovation that supports the objectives of scientific and human exploration,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, co-director of the NASA.

Science Mission in Washington has broader applications for the invasion of Mars or the rest of the planets beyond. ”

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