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NASA unveils schedule for new moon mission in 2024


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NASA has unveiled the timetable for the Artemis program, which will bring astronauts to the moon half a century after the first flight, including the details of eight scheduled launches and a small station in the moon’s orbit by 2024.

According to the “phys”, the first lunar missions were named Apollo, and director Jim Bernstein confirmed that Artemis 1 would be an unmanned mission around the planned moon in 2020.

It will then follow 2 Artemis, which will orbit around the Earth’s satellite with a crew around 2022; finally followed by Artemis 3 that will put astronauts on the moon in 2024 including the first woman.

NASA moon mission 2024

The three will be launched into space by the largest rocket ever made, with the Boeing-led Space Launch System (SLS), which is under development but has experienced many delays.

The Orion capsule will be attached to the rocket’s peak. Besides, there will be five launches carrying the basic building blocks of the Lunar Station, which will serve as a starting point for landing on the moon.

These operations will be carried out between 2022 and 2024 by private space companies, which will pay NASA for its services.

The orbital station will initially consist of a simple element of energy and power and a small unit of habitat. In 2024, astronauts will stop there on their way to the moon and then descend to the surface on the landing craft. Astronauts are allowed to return to their station, where they take the Orion capsule and return to Earth .

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