Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nepal’s prime minister loses vote of confidence in parliament


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Nepal’s Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli lost an initial vote of no-confidence held by Parliament on Monday.

Only 93 lawmakers voted in favor of renewing confidence in the Nepalese prime minister, while 124 lawmakers voted against him, noting that a new rival faction that entered his ruling party abstained from voting.

The country’s president, Bedia Devi Bendari, is expected to ask Oli to lead a caretaker government so that the parties in Parliament can form a new government.

The Communist Party of Nepal won the leadership of the first elections held in late 2017, and Oli was chosen to become Prime Minister by Parliament in early 2018. Splits within the party last March led to its weakening. Oli was forced to lead a minority government, and a new split emerged this week. Oli sought to hold a confidence vote in an attempt to show that he had enough support to stay in power.

Oli has faced criticism for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, as Nepal has recorded the largest number of new cases and deaths over the past few days.

The Nepali authorities have imposed a lockdown in most parts of the country since last month, and the closure is likely to be extended, as hospitals report running out of vacant beds, oxygen, and medicines.

After his party merged with another Communist party formed by former Maoist rebels; Thus, establishing a strong united party that won the elections held 3 years ago.

Oli was involved in a power struggle with former Maoist rebel leader Pushpa Kamal Dahl, who is also a co-chair of the party. Oli refused to allow Dahl to succeed him as prime minister or to lead the party, despite a prior agreement that this would happen. Which caused divisions within the party.

Oli ordered the dissolution of parliament last December and announced new elections this year, but the Supreme Court reinstated the dissolved parliament and canceled the new elections.

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