Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Netanyahu threatens to hurl Gantz-Arab alliance, eyes on next election


Sajid Aziz
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Benjamin Netanyahu had to admit defeat. For the second time this year, he failed to form a new government. Now the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to entrust Benny Gantz to lead the country, possibly this Wednesday. Blue-white alliance had a mandate in the parliamentary elections in September with 33 seats more than Netanyahu Likud received. The former Chief of the General Staff was more confident on Tuesday than many Israelis that he could create a coalition in 28 days.

For the first time in almost a decade, it is no longer Benjamin Netanyahu in whose hands the president lays the future of Israel. Benny Gantz will probably ask the Arab parties for support. Followers of Netanyahu admired him for a long time as a “magician” who, even in seemingly hopeless situations, surprisingly found a way to remain in power.

Netanyahu denied the ability of Gantz to safeguard Israel’s security

Netanyahu has been at the head of the government for a longer time than the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Netanyahu, who faces three formal charges of corruption, does not see himself at the end: Although he gave his mandate back, but with a short video on the Facebook, he resumed the next election campaign -in case if Benny Gantz fails to deliver as next head of state, it would be the third parliamentary elections within a year.

In his message, Netanyahu denied the ability of Gantz to safeguard Israel’s security over the cost of collaborating with Arabs. He warned in a video message, If Gantz form a minority government tolerated by the Arab parties, he would do everything in his power as the opposition leader to put a quick end to collision. Critics are in view that it’s not just about Netanyahu’s political future, a fear on indictment in the corruption case against him.

With 33 MPs, Gantz still misses the absolute majority even after collision with allies, together with two parties he could come to 54 seats. Israeli commentators suspect that Gantz will try to win over Likud MPs who are dissatisfied with the fact that Netanyahu twice failed to form a government. Gantz now purportedly seeks in his first talks for a unity government with Likud suggested by the president Rivlin.

In addition, former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s party could be a partner for a minority government – but they would then have to tolerate the Arab list, left and Likud MPs. If Gantz also fails, then the unicameral national legislature of Israel will decide in three weeks to nominate a candidate within the ranks with 61 votes. If that fails, President Rivlin would be left with no choice to announce the third round of elections in December, just before the Hanukkah festival. The elections would then take place at the latest in March 2021.

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