Wednesday, November 30, 2022

New satellites reveal greenhouse gas sources anywhere on Earth


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

Governments and companies around the world plan to launch a new generation of satellites capable of monitoring greenhouse gas emissions in detail for the first time ever.

More than a dozen governments and companies are in different stages of launching their own satellites, those will be used to track harmful gases such as CO2 and methane.

These satellites will not only be able to monitor the amount of gas being released, but will also be able to confirm the exact source of the gas, which is a useful skill in efforts to reduce emissions and hold individuals responsible.

While large government institutions have long been monitoring greenhouse gases, previously launched greenhouse gas monitoring satellite, run by Japan’s space exploration agency, has been in orbit since 2009.

New satellites come in a cost-effective and accurate way to detect harmful methane leaks, and confirm that they can detect leaks within 20 meters.

The application of start-up technology not only attract those interested in curbing emissions, but also fossil fuel producers, losing $ 30 billion of revenue a year due to methane leaks, said Yotam Ariel, founder of the Bluefield technologies that will launch the satellites soon.

“Why are the world’s largest energy companies targeting methane – not because they suddenly become environmentalists, not because of government policies on climate change,” he said. “In fact, these oil and gas companies want to get rid of methane from their operations because they are good for them.

On the part of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), he also planned to launch his MethaneSAT satellite in 2021, which will have this skill and its primary objective is to reduce these emissions, which will collect information on methane emissions open to the public.

Experts say the new wave of satellites may be more important than ever, as climate scientists continue to intensify their predictions about how global warming will affect earth in the near term.

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