Saturday, May 21, 2022

New Yorkers believe Trump has not taken Coronavirus seriously


Robert Frank
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Many New Yorkers saw that Donald Trump’s infection with Corona is evidence that he did not take the virus seriously, while others considered it a “political maneuver” to influence the election campaign, and on Friday morning New York City recorded a record number of 24,000 deaths due to The Covid-19 epidemic, and many of its residents indicated, according to “Russia Today,” that they were not surprised by Trump’s infection with the new Coronavirus, which is the news that Trump himself announced in a tweet at 1.00 local time.

Christian Perso, 19, said: “He is human anyway, I wish him the best.” But when talking to him in Queens, where Trump was born, he added, “I hope people realize that (the epidemic) is dangerous and that the muzzle is really necessary.”

Alex Flores, 20, a worker in a cleaning company near Trump Tower, where he used to live in the real estate pole before his election as president in 2016, said: “He did not think of the virus seriously, we cannot tolerate this virus, the mask must be put on.”

Isia Bo, 27, believed that Trump’s infection with Covid-19 would “harm” him in the elections, and on the Democratic side, some do not rule out a political maneuver, and 60-year-old hairdresser Ronda Marin said: “It might be a trick, let’s wait and see what is in store.” “Everything is confused, we are in a bad situation,” she added.

As for Susan Deutch (47 years) working in the financial sector, she said: “Our phones, my friends and I, are no longer silent at night,” adding: “We were all confused. We asked whether it was a maneuver after his debate (with Biden on Tuesday evening). Is it a ruse to change course?” Is it a ploy to create compassion? Who knows? ”

Trump’s diagnosis of Coronavirus just before elections is rather baffling for many New Yorkers as they think that this might be his other game to influence his supporters. Whereas, other opinions differ as they think that America is already under the grip of the deadly virus and Trump getting effected is normal.

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