Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Nine advantages of iOS 13 over Android system.. learn more


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

Google and Apple have released updates to their operating systems, Apple has revealed all the advantages of the iOS 13 system, currently as trial version, and Google also revealed last month of the next version of Android, Android Q, has emerged a number of differences between the two systems.

The following are nine advantages that Apple users will get, and will not be acquired by Android users.

Edit videos without downloading a separate app

The Apple iOS 13 system will allow users to modify videos by changing direction and adding through filters. This feature is not available in the Android system.

Minimize image confusion manually

Users can reduce image confusion while editing it, something not found in Android, but you can download a special application to get it.

Sign in with an e-mail to protect privacy and prevent spam

Apple offers a new way to sign in to third-party applications created by independent developers called “Sign in with Apple”, although Google also has “Sign in with Google”, but Apple’s way of protecting you allows you to create an email So that your original mail is not shared with anyone.

Block a set of apps with the screen time feature

Although Google has a “Digital Wellbeing” feature similar to the screen time feature, Apple has developed it to allow you to block certain applications you want, something that you did not offer as Google as a major part of its programs, but you can download special applications to give you the advantage.

Access your device even if it is not connected to the Internet

You can find your device if not connected to the Internet through the ‘Find My offline iDevices’ feature, and there is another feature not found in Android, the “Find my like” feature which allows users to search for their iPhone, iPad and MacBooks also In the absence of Internet.

Copy text messages to the cloud

The Apple Messaging application has its own cloud synchronization, making it easy to keep all text messages going to a new iDevice.

The original messaging application for Android does not have this feature. Apple has also updated its Messenger application with Dark Mode, new Memoji features and the Dark Themed keyboard as well.

Search suggestions in a text message

Both iOS 13 and Android Q have a native message search feature, but the new feature of iOS 13 is that it will now offer users what they’re looking for, which will make the task easier and less time-consuming.

Memoji feature

Apple launched the Memoji feature with iPhone X two years ago, and this year the company enhanced the feature by adding more customization options, Android users did not get a similar feature and still use icons and stickers.

Feature “Silence unknown callers”

When activated, this feature automatically mutes incoming calls from unknown callers, and Android does not yet feature this feature.

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