Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Preventing WhatsApp from consuming your phone memory, learn more


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

WhatsApp takes up a large amount of memory of our mobile phones, due to photos and videos that are automatically uploaded through the application, which causes the phone memory to be full or the application itself stops due to the insufficient space on the phone, in this report we provide tips to help prevent WhatsApp from Phone memory consumption, depending on location.

It is important to have enough storage space in your mobile phone, because we need this space in applications other than WhatsApp such as: download work files and answer e-mails, and edit photos and write documents, etc., so it is important to conserve the phone space and provide you with tips to save storage space On your phone.

Tips to prevent WhatsApp from consuming phone memory

– Open the WhatsApp app on your Android phone.

– Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the app.

– Press the Settings option.

– In the Settings menu, select Chats.

– Now toggle the “See media” option, Media Visibility option, This will prevent the media files you receive inside your app from automatically saving to your phone’s gallery.

But if you don’t want to turn this feature off for all your groups and conversations and only block two groups, you can selectively turn it off for specific conversations.

– Open the chat window for the individual or group you want to edit.

– Tap the contact.

– Go to Media View option.

WhatsApp will now ask if you want to save the newly uploaded media from that chat to your phone’s gallery and tap No.

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