Monday, August 2, 2021

Removing temporary ban on your VoIP account and restoring conversations, learn 8 easy steps


Zubair Yaqoob
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WhatsApp confirmed that it is possible to block user VoIP accounts if they rely on non-native WhatsApp applications such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp pluse, as well as the possibility of losing all conversations. If this happens, we will review how to temporarily lift the WhatsApp VoIP account and restore your conversations on the original application by following 8 easy steps:

Lifting the ban

1. In the beginning you need to make sure you have an internet connection, an active Gmail account and a phone number.

2. Wait for the blocking time to finish and then go to WhatsApp GB.


3. Click the “More options” box and head to “Chats.”

4. Click “Back up conversations” to take the full backup, which is in the chats section.

5. Open any application that acts as a file manager, find the WhatsApp GB folder, and name the folder “WhatsApp”

6. Go to Google Store and download the Official WhatsApp app.

7. Follow the instructions on the screen and start using the application.

8. In the Backup Found list, press “Restore” and wait for the search to complete to restore your conversations.

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